Our Travel Schedule

This page was removed from the site on 25 Feb, 2014. Needs Formatting! End of August 2008: We will begin our trip down the “Panamericana” by driving with a cross-country vehicle from Anchorage (Alaska) to Vancouver. Mid September 2008: We are looking for an INTERVAC-partner in Vancouver. October 2008: We plan to visit the west coast of US and the interior. We are looking for a partner in L.A./PalmSprings/San Diego. Early November 2008: We hope to be headed for the boarder: The Mexican Border. So far all of our exchange requests in Mexico have been answered by “bed & breakfast” offers. We are hoping to find a Mexican couple wanting to visit Stuttgart and willing to arrange an exchange with us. December 2008: We will be in Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. El Salvador or Nicaragua might be the best places to stay. There we need an INTERVAC-partner very urgently! End of December 2008: Despite all the bad news, we want to travel, through Panama, towards Columbia. Ecuador and Peru. This will be on our tour until the middle of January 2009. If we have to, we could travel back through Argentina to Buenos Aires and from there fly to Johannesburg. Mid January 2009: By now we would like to be to on our way to Namibia or Botswana and if there is enough time we would like to take a trip on boat or by plane to Madagascar. End of February 2009: (or at the latest, the beginning of March) we want to fly to New Zealand and we are actively searching an INTERVAC-partner in New Zealand around that time. Beginning of April 2009 to the middle of May 2009: We want to travel through Australia, starting off at Brisbane where we already have an INTERVAC-partner. We hope for a second INTERVAC exchange on the west coast. Middle of May 2009: We will fly to Bali and then our journey will take us, in the beginning of June 2009 from Singapur by train to Bangkog. We will have 3 weeks to visit Burma, Laos and Thailand. July 2009: We want to visit Japan and here too we need INTERVAC-partners. August 2009: we are planning a 3 weeks trip in China! Finally: Around the 22nd of August, 2009 we will take the Trans-Siberian Railway including one week stay in Mogolia visiting parts of the “silk-road”. From Moskow, the end of the Trans-Siberian railway we will fly back to Germany.