Ok, first off, I’m going to go through the whole agreement form in this post but, if you’d like to see a screenshot of the whole agreement form, you can click here.

Contact Details

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When you clicked the “Start Exchange Agreement” button, the system made one of these forms for you and one for your partner. It fills in both of your names and contact information automatically. You have check boxes offering you the option to show your email address and/or mobile phone number to your partner.

Holiday Dates [required]

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In the next section you list the dates you will be staying in your partner’s home. Remember, your partner’s form is independent of yours so be sure to put the dates you are planning to be there. Your exchange partner will put the dates they are planning to be in your home.

Question: What if it is a non-simultaneous exchange and one party doesn’t know their dates yet?

The form requires that you add dates and since non-simultaneous exchange usually requires more planning, just choose something close. You will be keeping in touch with your exchange partner anyway.

Exchange Participants [required]

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This is where you list all of the travelers in your party, everyone who will be staying in your partner’s home should be added with their ages. The form will not save if you do not have at least one person in this section.

To add a participant, click the grey button “Add a Participant”. Fill in the name and age and click the button again if you have more than one person in your traveling party.

About our Cars

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There is a text box in which you can write any important details about your car that your partner should know. If you need more room to write, just click and drag on that little “handlebar” in the lower right-hand corner of the text box.

Some things that you might want to mention in this area are:

Telephone and Internet

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Update: This section used to be called “Regarding Long Distance Calls” but has been changed to better reflect how members are using it. March, 2014

Some things you might want to clarify here are:

Special Cleaning Requests

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In this box it is good to write about:

Regarding Keys to My Home

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That one is pretty clear. This is the place to arrange pick-up and drop-off of keys.

Regarding Pets

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Anything you want to tell your partner about taking care of your pets?

Other Special Requests

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What have we missed in the list above? This is the place to mention it.


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Three easy check boxes to give your partner explicit permission to use your linens (or not), to bring their guests into your home (or not), and to bring their own pets.

After that it’s time to save your form - and that is all this button does, it does not send your terms to your partner but assumes instead that this is a draft. When you are ready to send your terms to your partner for review, you will find a button on the Exchanges Overview page.

More about that in the next section - Sending and Reviewing Terms. Please let me know in the comments below if you have questions or if you want to pass along ideas for items that you like to specify in your exchange agreements.